Salters Horners Physics Course

Salters Horners new A / AS level physics course has has been accredited for use by schools and colleges from September 2000.

Pico oscilloscope and data logging products are ideal for the course, and many of the pilot schools have used our oscilloscopes and data loggers.

Recommended Equipment

DrDAQ is our recommended product for this course. As it is supplied with both PicoScope and PicoLog it can be used as an oscilloscope, spectrum analyser and data logger. Due to the products low cost (under 60 including software) we recommend purchasing one DrDAQ for each PC you have available.

For a list of the activities in the course suitable for use with DrDAQ click here.

Free Equipment!

Prior to the start of the course in September 2000, we are hoping to add written up examples of the activities in the course that can be performed using our oscilloscopes and data loggers. These activities will be added to our library of science experiments. If you are interested in performing and writing up one or more of these activities, please e-mail in return for writing up a suitable experiment we will donate a FREE DrDAQ data logger to your school / college.

Useful Links

Salters Horners Web Site

Page showing the use of Pico products in the course.

Pico Technology Library of Science Experiments

DrDAQ web site

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